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The Golden Formula for Digital 
Marketing Revealed

By Alan Lim K.K.

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In CPR for your Business, Alan Lim, a renowned business and marketing consultant, reveals his revolutionary step-by-step golden formula for digital marketing. This 10-step CPR Process will be the answer to your digital marketing problems. He also reveals the 6Ps that are essential for building businesses as well as mistakes to avoid in your business journey

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"Alan’s thought process on how to strategise your business especially using Digital Marketing is brilliant!"

~ Dr Mel Gill (International Best Selling Author, Renowned Speaker and Movie Producer)

"CPR For Your Business is a life saver for marketers who want to activate a digital marketing plan. This book contains Alan’s trade secrets — his practical knowledge, business formulas and nuggets of wisdom which would be well suited for anyone looking to resuscitate their business, especially in this pandemic. Alan’s wealth of knowledge in this marketing field is indeed admirable."

~ Mark Phooi (Entrepreneur of the Year & CEO, First Media Pte Ltd)

"A great book on what digital marketing is all about and how it can greatly impact your business!"

~ Fu Siang Jeen (Managing Director, Wenken Group, Three Legs Brand)

"Fantastic! Can't put it down, Alan keeps it simple and fun to read, and realistic! Definitely recommend for all!"

~ George Somabha (President, Pefinco Finance Group)

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"This book is a good reference as not only it provides a step by step guide on how to build a sound business foundation but also how to get the best results out of digital marketing to build a Predictable, Scalable and Sustainable business. The book sets out very practical approaches that do not cost a lot of money and also highlighted the potential pitfalls."

~ Annie Lee (Managing Director, Real Estate Management)

"CPR for your business is a wake-up call for SME owners who's marketing having a heart attack. Alan has identified the signs of a bad business and provides the process of resuscitating the entire marketing journey. This is a must-read book for business owners to unlock their revenue potential."

~ Simon Yap (CEO, Oasis Technologies Asia Pte Ltd)

"I thought I knew Business & Marketing till I read this book. "

~ Shawn Leng (Director, Wellring)
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Just starting out with business

A seasoned entrepreneur

Just simply interested in digital marketing but is unsure of where to start from

This book is just for YOU!

Forget about all the problems you have faced before, with CPR for your Business, you will no longer be blindly feeling around in the dark and start having a bird’s eye view of your entire business and marketing plans. This book will reveal new ideas and secrets that you can bring your business to Predictable, Scalable, and Sustainable revenue.


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